Gas flowmeter calibration using Fluke DHI molbox/molblocs.

Gas Flow Calibration

Accuracy counts

Keep your flowmeter's measurements as accurate as their specifications. Use FLW Service to provide traceable calibration services of your gas flow meter. These include flow meters, rotameters, & mass flow controllers.

Even the most rugged flowmeters can fall out of calibration or read inaccurately. You can be confident that FLW will calibrate your flowmeter using standards that are at least four times more accurate and traceable to NIST/SI.


Using Fluke's Flow Calibration System (DHI Molbox/Molblocs), FLW can accurately calibrate your gas flow meter from 5 sccm up to 1000 slm.

Range Accuracy
0-5 sccm 0.5% reading + 0.2% full scale
0-25 slm 0.5% reading + 0.2% full scale
0-1000 slm 1.0% full scale
Gas flow calibration
Gas flow calibration
Gas flow calibration

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