Provide Reliable, Durable Position Sensing In The Most Demanding Plant Conditions

Authorized Distributor of TopWorx GO Switch

FLW is an authorized distributor of TopWorx GO Switch, a leading manufacturer of reliable and versatile position sensors. We offer a wide range of TopWorx GO Switch products that can meet any application need. Whether it is a harsh environment, a hazardous location, or a complex configuration, we can help you find the right TopWorx GO Switch for your project. FLW is not just a distributor, but a trusted advisor who can help you with any of your applications or questions with TopWorx GO Switch products.

Reliability & Versatility

TopWorx GO Switch Sensing Solutions Work In Harsh Environments

TopWorx GO Switch is a sensing solution that combines the features of a proximity switch and a limit switch. It can detect ferrous metal and magnetic targets without any moving parts. It can also function in harsh and hazardous environments, such as high or low temperatures, high pressures, and explosive areas. It is designed to provide reliable and durable performance in various industrial applications.

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