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FLW, Inc proudly represents Dytran, an industry leader in innovative sensor technologies for both product development testing and embedded solutions.

Based in Chatsworth, CA, Dytran's product line extends beyond piezoelectric technology to include DC-MEMS based accelerometers, digital output, USB-powered triaxial accelerometers, and the highly innovative bus-based sensor communication and machinery diagnostic platform CAN-MD™ (Controller Area Network - Machinery Diagnostic). Dytran continues to spur exciting sensor technology innovations for others to follow.

Dytran Product Offering

Providing a wide variety of dynamic force and pressure sensors, piezoelectric (AC coupled) and MEMS (DC coupled) accelerometers, USB triaxial accelerometers with embedded software, and digital bus-based sensors to fit your application.

Dytran Piezoelectric & DC MEMS Accelerometers

For use in modal analysis, vibration control, high temperature vibration monitoring
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Dytran Dynamic Force Sensors

For use in modal and structural analysis, process control, dynamic force
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Dytran Pressure Sensors

For use in industrial, hydraulic, pneumatic, testing, general purpose applications
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Dytran Impulse Hammers

Produces high frequency excitation, allowing the user to excite structures with high frequency content and input forcing function
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FLW, Inc. is proud to represent Dytran product in Southern California and Southern Nevada. We're happy to help with selecting your product or assist with your application.

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