Haskel Pump Systems

Standard And Custom Built Liquid And Gas Systems

FLW can engineer and custom build portable to large PLC control systems for a wide range of industries and applications.

  • Portable pressure test packs.
  • Pressure, proof, leak, burst, fatigue testing of hydraulic, gas, refrigerant, automotive hose and rigid pipes
  • Pressure and functional testing of valves
  • Volumetric stretch testing of gas containers
  • Helium leak detection of refrigerant and air conditioning equipment
  • Oxygen transfer and pressurization of accumulators
  • CFC refrigerant and Halon fire extinguishing substance recovery and charging
  • SF6 recovery and reclaim from circuit breakers
  • Chemical injection, metering and dosing pumps and packaged system

Gallery of Custom Built Haskel Systems

Haskel Liquid Pump

We're happy to help.

We can help size an amplifier, rebuild a pump, or engineer a custom pressure system.