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THV Series
THV Series SCR Power Controller
Single Phase Thyristor Unit ( 20 to 100 amps ) The THV operates at 100 up to 240V AC and automatically selects power supply frequency 50 or 60Hz. Three types of control modes are selectable: phase control, zero-cross control to suppress high frequency noise, or zero-cross control. The THV series of 20A and 30A carries UL/CSA approvals. And over 45A of THV series carries cUL approvals. (After December, 2005 models)
Specification --> THV_02E.pdf (180kB)
Instruction Manual --> IMR01M01E9.pdf (719kB)
Setting of Heater Break Alarm --> IMR01M05E1.pdf (765kB)
Specification files are in Adobe's Acrobat PDF file (version 4.0) format. Acrobat Reader is required.
THYCO-10 Series
Single phase type
Single Phase Type
Three phases type
Three Phase Type
Type 13PHB Order stop due date : November 30, 2006

Thyristor Unit (Phase angle control type) Phase angle control provides accuracy through cutting part of the sine semi wave to control the power supply to the load.

Available in ratings from 20 to 200 amps

Wide variety of functions
Soft-start function is standard for all models. As optional functions, Auto/manual transfer, output v.s. input signal ratio setting, fast-blow fuse, and fast-blow fuse break alarm are available.

Specification --> THYCO_02E.pdf (84.3kB)

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