RKC INSTRUMENT : REX Century Series Controllersquotation

The REX century series is high performance PID controller with easy-to-use.Heat/cool control and two alarms including heater break alarm and loop break alarm are available.The REX Century series is available in five DIN sizes from 1/16 DIN to 1/4 DlN.

C Series

Features :
  • Heat/cool control for extrusion process (except for REX-C100)
  • Heater break alarm ( single or three-phase) and loop break alarm
  • Cg marked, UL approved and CSA certified
  • Power supply selection among 100 to 240VAC, 24VDC and 24VAC
Manuals :

D Series

The D series controller features wide variety of functions, such as fuzzy logic algorithm, universal input/output, retransmission and digital communication. The D series controller eliminates bothersome modifications, and is ideal for applications to which simple standard controller does not fit.

The REX-D900Z for control motor is also available. Feedback resistance is not necessary so that you can save wiring cost and do not have to worry about feedback resistance failure.

F Series

The F series controller provides precise control with high accuracy of 0.1% full scale and short sampling time of 0.25 second. Newly developed and unique logic, Brilliant PID control and Enhanced Autotuning, have been introduced to achieve excellent control. The F series controller is ideal for the application that requires tight tolerance.

Our process and temperature control technology is widely used in industry.

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